Vice President - John Heydon

Why did you move to Clover Hill?
We lucked upon what is likely one of, if not the last stray lot left in Clover Hill.  My in-laws, Rick and Betsy Cain, built my wife, Whitney, and me our beautiful home completed in 2016.  Uniquely, our lot had an old existing tennis court on it that we resurfaced and enjoy!  It is fun to meet neighbors that remember playing on the court when it was first constructed.  It is full circle for Whitney as she spent her childhood summers at the Clover Hill pool.  Although they didn't live in the neighborhood (they live up the mountain in Mountain Laurel Estates), they joined the pool.  Whitney learned to ride her bike around the bases in the ball field.  I grew up in a tight nit community where your friends are your neighbors in Morgantown, WV near Cheat Lake, and Clover Hill is a very similar neighborhood.
What is your professional experience?
I am a local Realtor with Betsy Cain Properties at Mackintosh Inc., Realtors.
What do you think makes Clover Hill so special?
My two year old son Jack and I would have the same answer, the park!  It is so rare in Frederick that a community has so much open space to be enjoyed by all its members.  A home baseball, swimming, and basketball teams to join and support!  It really does make our community special.