Calling all swimmers! 
Each spring the Clover Hill Hurricanes offer a Stroke Clinic consisting of six, one hour sessions for swimmers to brush up on their strokes before the summer season rolls around.  In order for your child to participate in the stroke clinic they must be able to swim at least one length of the pool freestyle and be independent on their back.  Please remember that this is a stroke clinic; it is not a swim lesson.  If your child needs hands-on instruction in the water, both Hood College and YMCA offer swim lessons. 
  • AGES for Stroke Clinic:  Suggested ages for stroke clinic are 5 - 14 years.
  • PRACTICES for Stroke Clinic:  Practices typically begin in March and end in May and are between the times of 3:00 and 5:00 pm.
Join the Clover Hill Hurricanes each June as they dive into a summer of fun and fitness with friends!  Children and youth must be able to swim the length of the pool in freestyle and back stroke to participate.
  • AGES for Swim Team:  Registration is open to all children, ages 4 - 18 years. 
  • PRACTICES for Swim Team:  Practices usually begin the first week of June, after school, and continue through the middle of July.  
Registration is first come, first served and available online at: Clover Hill Hurricanes Team Unify.  
SPECIAL NOTE:  In April 2022, the Clover Hill Board of Directors unanimously passed a motion requiring residents that LIVE IN Clover Hill to be REGULAR MEMBERS of the Association to enroll and participate in Clover Hill Sports (e.g. baseball, basketball, and swim).  The motivation behind this motion is to sustain and enhance the Clover Hill recreational programs for generations to come!  
If you have questions or need more information about registration, please email: cloverhillswim@gmail.com