CHCA Manager: Alexandra Williams  
Email: manager@cloverhill.org 
Voicemail: 301-228-2799

CHCA Manager Announcements

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Tuesday, November 8th to Thursday, December 31st
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Tuesday, November 8th to Wednesday, March 1st
The Board’s mission is to strengthen our community and keep it friendly, beautiful, and attractive to homeowners and homebuyers. The stronger our financial base, the better we can achieve our mission. To that end, we are encouraging every household in Clover Hill and Cloverdale to become a CHCA Member.  For more information, email or call the Community Manager.  Contact information is above.

Neighbor Announcements

None listed at this time.

Lost and Found

Found - Glasses
Posted on December 15, 2022
Halfeye reading glasses found on Stone Ridge Drive. Someone stopped to look at a box of giveaways and dropped the glasses in the box.
Found - Phone
Posted on December 30, 2022
Found in CH Park on Dec. 30th. Please call 301-471-0138 to describe and reclaim.


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