Architectural Covenants
  • chevron_rightWho must have ARC approval?
    EVERYONE!  The covenants are regulations pertaining to every property and home within Clover Hill and are on file at the county courthouse.  Covenants for the individual subdivisions (Clover Hill I, II East, II West, Clover Hill III and Cloverdale) differ, so it is important for homeowners to have a copy of the covenants pertaining to their property.  Click here for ARC Details.
  • chevron_rightWhat type of change requires ARC approval?
    • All structural changes to the exterior of your home require approval.  
    • All new structures built or installed on your lot (e.g. sheds, room additions, fences, decks, patios, pools, walls, driveways or driveway extensions, retaining walls, flag poles, hot tubs, and playgrounds).
    • Any change in material, such as color and/or style to any existing part of your home, which includes updates.
    • Any existing structural changes such as windows, storm doors, roof, porch railings.
    If you have any doubt whether ARC approval is required for a particular project, call the CHCA office at 301-228-2799 or email manager@cloverhill.org. 
  • chevron_rightHow long does ARC approval take?
    Applications received at least two business days in advance of an upcoming ARC meeting will be reviewed during the meeting and homeowners will receive a decision in writing within 30 days of the meeting.  You should receive verification of receipt of your request within 7 business days of submitting your application.  If you do not, please contact the office by phone or email.  The ARC meets once per month.  
    The ARC approval time frame begins upon receipt of a complete application package that is received at least 2 business days prior to the next scheduled ARC meeting.  If an incomplete package is received, a new review period begins upon resubmission of a complete package by the homeowner.  If resubmissions are received less than 2 business days prior to the upcoming meeting, review and consideration will be delayed until the next scheduled ARC meeting.
  • chevron_rightWhat happens if a change is made without ARC approval?
    If changes are made without ARC approval, you may be asked to remove any new structures or to reverse the changes made.  Homeowners may also be responsible for legal costs associated with compliance enforcement.
  • chevron_rightIf you are not a member of the CHCA, do you have to get ARC approval?
    Yes, every lot owner in Clover Hill, CHCA members and non-members, must follow the Architectural Review Committee guidelines.  
  • chevron_rightCan I rent the Clover Hill clubhouse or pavilion?
    The CHCA is happy to rent the Clubhouse and Pavilion to Members in good standing with the CHCA.  Please go to the Membership Tab and click Amenity Reservations.  You will be able to select the clubhouse or the pavilion and complete a request form.  Click here to be taken directly to the amenity reservation page.  Or, contact the rental supervisor by email:  rentals@cloverhill.org.
    The Clover Hill Clubhouse offers a spacious great room with hardwood floors, two restrooms, and a kitchen equipped with an electric range and refrigerator. There are also folding tables and chairs, a monitor, dvd player and guest wifi available for use.
    The Clover Hill Pavilion is located off of the main parking lot near the clubhouse, restrooms, pool and children's playground.  The pavilion has electrical outlets, lights, and 13 picnic tables.  
Association PARK
  • chevron_rightIs the Clover Hill Park owned by Frederick County?
    No, the Clover Hill Park is a private park owned and maintained by the MEMBERS of the Clover Hill Civic Association (CHCA).  The CHCA has 688 members out of 1,100 homes and is grateful to those that contribute to the maintenance of the park which enhances property values for all homes in the Clover Hill community.
  • chevron_rightHow much does it cost Association Members to maintain the park?
    The Clover Hill park is a 13 acre private park and the 2020 approved CHCA budget was $32,000.   The park boasts beautiful flowering trees and includes a pavilion, playground, walking paths, two baseball fields, one softball field, a basketball court and space for soccer, lacrosse, and open recreation. 
Association POOL
  • chevron_rightDoes Clover Hill have a swim team?
    YES!  Clover Hill has an AMAZING swim team!  The Clover Hill Hurricane's coaching staff focus on teaching the 4 competitive swimming strokes, conditioning, and speed. The Clover Hill Hurricane's are part of the Frederick Summer Swim League (FSSL).  The goal of the FSSL is to encourage informal, friendly team competition at the neighborhood pool level while providing the youth of Frederick County the opportunity to develop athletic skills, positive sportsmanship, an understanding of teamwork, and an appreciation for the relationship between effort and success in a wholesome and fair atmosphere.  Click the link for more information on our Clover Hill Website:  https://www.cloverhill.org/swim-team/
  • chevron_rightIs the Clover Hill Pool INCLUDED in Association Membership?
    YES!  Members of the Clover Hill Civic Association (CHCA) have full access to the pool! 
  • chevron_rightIf I don't live in Clover Hill, can I buy a pool membership?
    Currently CHCA Regular Members and Associate Members have use of the Clover Hill Pool!
    In the 2019 pool season, all CHCA Members were granted access to the pool as part of their annual assessments; Regular and Associate Members.   For more information, email the Association Manager:  manager@cloverhill.org.
Association Services
  • chevron_rightCan I read the Association's Bylaws and Maryland Homeowners Association Act?
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Manager's contact information?
    Association's Manager
    Email:  manager@cloverhill.org
    Voicemail:  301-228-2799
  • chevron_rightWhy join the CHCA/HOA?
    Because...There is Strength in Community!!!
    The Clover Hill community continues to set itself apart to homebuyers because of its beautiful private park, quality homes with a variety of styles, our Association amenities which include the clubhouse, pavilion and pool, mature trees and landscape, family appeal, sports programs, community events, proximity to downtown and so much more!  
    The Operations portion of Membership pays for:
    • Maintenance, improvements, and upkeep for our 13-acre private park
    • Maintenance, improvements and upkeep of the playground and covered pavilion
    • Maintenance, improvements and upkeep of the basketball court and open recreational space
    • Ability to rent the Clubhouse and Pavilion for personal use
    • Gaining access to the Association Pool at no extra charge
    • The quarterly newsletter, The Clarion
    • A robust community website
    • Day-to-day operations of the organization, which include a part-time Community Manager
    • Day-to-day financial management services provided by PMP, Inc (Property Management People)
    • Discounted registration for the Clover Hill youth basketball and swim teams
    • The architectural review process (administration and disputes)
    • A capital reserve fund for anticipated common area expenditures, such as resurfacing the park path
    • Peace of mind that your community will continue to be the best and most beautiful in Frederick County
    The optional Service portion of Membership pays for:
    • Twice-weekly trash collection
    • Twice-yearly bulk-trash collection
    • Seasonal yard-waste pick-up
    • Christmas tree pick-up in January
    If your home is not part of the Association, we invite you to join and contribute to the sustainability this very special and unique neighborhood!  Clover Hill is a community where homeowners greet their neighbors, work together to improve the neighborhood, network for services, share produce, feel secure, lend a hand to neighbors in need and so much more!
    For more information about joining the CHCA, please email the Association Manager at:  manager@cloverhill.org.
  • chevron_rightIs the Clover Hill Civic Association (CHCA) a "Civic Association" or "HOA"?
    The short answer is the CHCA is BOTH a Homeowner's Association and a Civic Association. 
    The long answer is that the CHCA has elements of both a "Civic Association" and an "HOA" because the CHCA was formed in 1967, twenty years before the Maryland HOA Act was first enacted.  Attempts were clearly made by Ausherman Properties and the CHCA Board of Directors to put the CHCA in compliance with the HOA Act in 1990, but these were mainly "additions" with existing documents remaining mostly intact.  What exists today is a creative melding of a  "HOA" and "Civic Association".
  • chevron_rightHow can I pay my CHCA annual assessment fee?
    The CHCA annual assessment & trash invoices are mailed in December of each year and are due the following January.  You may mail your payment in or make payment online.  For information on how to pay online or for the secure lockbox address to mail payment to, please refer to your invoice or login and navigate to https://www.cloverhill.org/chca-membership-dues/  
    If you did not receive your invoice or have misplaced it, please contact Property Management People at 301-694-6900 x 1094 or finance@pmp.biz
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Association's mailing address?
    Business Mailing Address
    PO Box 1429
    Frederick, MD 21702
  • chevron_rightWhat is the street address of the clubhouse/park?
    Clubhouse/Park Street Address - 8122 Glendale Drive - Frederick
  • chevron_rightWhen does yard waste pick-up end?
    CHCA Association Members have the option to opt in for Trash Services which INCLUDES Yard Waste and Bulk Trash pick-up twice a year.  If you would like to join the Association and get the great deal on Trash and Yard Waste Services, email the Association Manager:  manager@cloverhill.org.
    TRASH and YARD WASTE COMPANY:  Ecology Services 301-362-6700. 
    Yard waste is picked up every Monday beginning in April and runs through December 31st.
    Yard waste must be placed in brown paper yard waste bags or in clean, designated trash cans.  
    Bags nor cans can weigh more than you can lift reasonably or they will not be picked up. 
    Branches can be bundled, but no longer than 3 feet. 
    If regular trash or yard waste pickup falls on a holiday, service will be the next business day.  Please do not put trash, yard waste, recycling or bulk trash out until the night before pick-up.   Holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day
    CHRISTMAS TREE PICK-UP:  January 4, January 11 and January 18.  
    BULK TRASH PICK-UP:  Spring and Fall
  • chevron_rightWhat should I do if my trash or yard waste is not collected by 5pm on the scheduled day of service? (New)
    If your trash or yard waste is not collected by 5pm on the scheduled day fo service, please leave your bins or bags out and use the Contact page or email manager@cloverhill.org directly with your address and what was not collected.  
Buying, Selling or Refinancing
  • chevron_rightHow can I request a copy of my CHCA statement?
    To get a copy of your CHCA statement for a refinance or for any other reason, please contact Michelle Baker at Property Management People:
    Email michelle.baker@pmpbiz.com
    Phone: 301-694-6900 ext 1017
  • chevron_rightHow do I request a resale package?
    CHCA resale package orders are processed through www.condocerts.com. Unless you have done so before for a prior order, you will need to create a username and password.  Once that has been done it is a step by step process for ordering the package. After you type in the association - Clover Hill Civic Association - and address, it will have you order the base resale PUD package. When you have completed this step, it will take you to the payment page. Fees and timeframe for each package are:
    Standard Delivery-$250 (15 business day delivery)
    Rush Delivery-$290 (12 business day delivery)
    Expedited Delivery-$340 (7 business day delivery)
  • chevron_rightHow do I get a copy of the master certificate of insurance for CHCA?
    Requests should be sent to: condocertrequest@jgsinsurance.com
    Here is a list if the information necessary to issue the Certificate
    Name of the Association:
    Unit Owner's Name:
    Unit Address:
    Loan Number:
    Lender's Mortgagee Clause:
    An email address or fax number to send the Certificate to:
    If the COI is not needed for a lender, please state that when sending your request.
  • chevron_rightWhere should I send an HOA/Condo Fee request form?
    HOA/Condo Request forms for the sale or refinance of a property should be sent to Michelle Baker at Property Management People:
    Email michelle.baker@pmpbiz.com
    Phone: 301-694-6900 ext 1017
  • chevron_rightWhat is the non-emergency police telephone number?
    Non-Emergency Number, 301-600-2071.
    In the case of an emergency - dial 911.
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact for Recycling?
    Recycling Services are provided by Frederick County not the Clover Hill Civic Association.
    Go to Frederick County Recycling Information for additional details and to determine your recycling schedule.
    • You should have a large blue recycling can that stays with the property.
    • Clover Hill I, Clover Hill III and Cloverdale pickups are currently scheduled on every other Thursday. 
    • Clover Hill II East and West are currently scheduled on every other Monday.
  • chevron_rightWhy does water discharge from neighborhood fire hydrants?
    Clover Hill's fire hydrants are part of the county’s infrastructure and supported by the city of Frederick. The hydrants are fitted with a “boot” that directs discharged water in two directions.  Presently, part of the water safety protocol involves flushing or purging hydrants periodically to clear microorganisms and other contaminants.  This “flushing” means that water is released from hydrants at scheduled times each day.  Due to pressure, water loudly surges and creates streams flowing from hydrants. This will continue until a planned Fishing Creek Water Plant project is online.
    Issues to be Addressed
    • A tremendous amount of water is discharged onto our streets and neighbor’s property. The water flows towards area drainage culverts, county sewers, and floodplain.
    • The frequency of surge events presents several problems including wet streets, soggy lawns, wet driveways, and puddling, along with loud and persistent noise coming from the hydrants each day.
    • The amount of water wasted due to flushing activity raises several water usage and environmental concerns.
    Present Status
    • The long-term solution is the building of a new water treatment plant.
    • The county has presented the city a “preliminary design report” for a new treatment plant.
    • The City is presently reviewing the report so it can be finalized and presented to the MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment).
    • The report will then be put out for public notification and comment.  Bids will be solicited for a plant construction contractor.
    • No timeline has been announced, however, we have been told that the plant planning is moving forward “…without impediment”.
    Additional Information
    Chip Stitely, Assistant Deputy Director of DPW-Utilities Department of Public Works-Operations Frederick City. Phone: 301-600-1176
    Dan Seal, Supervisor of Water Quality, Frederick City. Phone: 301-600-1473
    Craig Lambert, Plant Superintendent/Project Manager. Phone:  301-600-1176
    Noise Concerns: Contact Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management.  Phone:  301-600-1825. Email: wsops@frederickcountymd.gov
  • chevron_rightWill the County be installing crosswalks on Christopher Crossing?
    Answer/Reply from County:
    Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding pedestrians crossing Christopher's Crossing in the Clover Hill neighborhood. 
    At this time there are no pedestrian accommodations on Christopher's Crossing or the intersecting streets in the Clover Hill neighborhood.  The County’s capital improvement project will address this by installing a sidewalk or path on each side of Christopher's Crossing, and crossings at the intersections with Yellow Springs Road, Stone Ridge Drive, Glen Heather Drive, and Jordan Valley Way/Walter Martz Road.
    As an interim improvement, the County will consider installing painted pavement markings and additional pedestrian warning signs on Christopher's Crossing at Stone Ridge Drive and Glen Heather Drive.  The pavement markings will establish a legal crosswalk, which will require on-coming motorists to stop for pedestrians that are within the crosswalk on the same side of the road as the motorist.  Pedestrians will be expected to exercise care when initiating a crossing, to make sure that the on-coming vehicle is able to see them and come to a complete stop.
    Please be aware that, when traveling along roads that do not have sidewalks, pedestrians are expected to walk on the left side of the road facing on-coming traffic.
    If you have any questions regarding this matter I can be reached at (301) 600-2930, or at dolney@frederickcountymd.gov.
    David Olney
    Engineering Supervisor
    Traffic and Permit Section
    Department of Engineering and Construction Management
    Division of Public Works
    355 Montevue Lane
    Frederick, Maryland 21702
    phone: (301) 600-2930
    fax: (301) 600-3517