Articles of Incorporation & Covenants

CHCA Articles of Incorporation
The Clover Hill Civic Association, Inc (CHCA) was formed in 1967 as outlined in the Articles of Incorporation.  The Articles of Incorporation are legal papers filed with the state government and contain organizational details such as the names of directors, the purpose for and the primary activities of the corporation, as well as any initial provisions governing its management.  Click here for a copy of the CHCA Articles of Incorporation.  
At its inception, the CHCA was a voluntary civic organization and formed twenty years before the MD HOA Act first became law.  In the 1970's and 80's Clover Hill neighbors would take turns mowing and weeding and would host bake sales to raise funds to care for the buildings and common spaces of the neighborhood which included our 13-acre park.  As you can imagine, this was an arduous task and ultimately unsustainable.  
Over time, as the community grew, the need for a more formal organizational structure to better serve and respond to the needs of our growing community evolved.  Of particular importance was the need to preserve the appearance of our community and maintain our park, clubhouse and pool.  Furthermore, due to the rapid growth in Frederick County and Frederick City, an entity with legal standing would be necessary to represent and advocate for our community’s welfare with local government. 
In the 1990's, Ausherman Properties and the CHCA Board of Directors worked to ensure that the CHCA would be in compliance with the MD HOA Act in an attempt to help fund the upkeep and maintenance of the Clover Hill neighborhood.  What exists today is a creative melding of a "Civic Association" and an "HOA". 
What are Property Covenants?
The most common form of property covenant is one that a developer will impose on their lots to benefit the entire development. Also called a land covenant, these can extend or include a contractual constraint on how many buildings can be built on a lot as well as the structural/external materials allowed for the building. 
The benefit of a property covenant is to ensure the quality of all builds within a development/area. This often results in houses within a development adhering to a certain ‘look’ but also to a certain level of quality, ensuring the aesthetic and economic health of the entire development.
ALL HOMES in Clover Hill are subject to architectural covenants and regulations outlined by Ausherman Properties.  The Architectural Review Committee (ARC), overseen by the CHCA, is charged with upholding the covenants for every home in Clover Hill regardless of CHCA membership.    Clover Hill has been developed over time, beginning in the 1960's and covenants for the individual subdivisions differ, so it is important for homeowners to have a copy of the covenants pertaining to their property.  
CHCA membership is extended to every lot in Clover Hill I, Clover Hill II East, Clover Hill II West, and Cloverdale.  CHCA Membership is mandatory for lots in Clover Hill III. Membership makes our community strong and gives us a greater voice in governmental planning and other issues of importance to our community.  Click here for a copy of the CHCA Bylaws.  It is our goal to count 100% of our homeowners as CHCA members!
There is Strength in Community.