Members of the Association are encouraged and welcome to volunteer on committees!  There are two types of committees:  standing and ad-hoc.
Currently there are seven standing committees, or permanent committees, which provide valuable assistance to Board members by addressing specific community tasks.  In addition, frequently the Board of Directors establishes ad-hoc committees, which are short-term, temporary committees formed to handle specific tasks, like hiring a community manager, planning a seasonal farmer's market, or updating association bylaws. 
As a general rule, committees range from 1 to 5 members and work to gather information, assess problems, and recommend solutions to the Board.  Please click here to read Code of Conduct for Board Members and Community Leaders prior to volunteering.
  1. ARC:  Resident Volunteers
  2. Buildings:  Members:  David Snipes, Jim Patrick, Tom Lee, George Broski
  3. Membership:  Co-Chairs - Linda Carmack and Karin Bauer
  4. Parks and Grounds:  Chair - Greg Powell, Members:  Mitch Scott, John Heydon
  5. Pool: Chair - Chris Larsson, Members: Anna Meredith, Becky Serio, Elizabeth Midgette, Farrah Dennis-Jennings, Mark Carlson
  6. Publications (Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Email Communications): Chris Allen
  7. Sports
    • Baseball:  Jacob Hyatt, Adam Stick
    • Basketball:  Randy Embrey, Jeff Freimanis
    • Swim Team:  Anne Landon, Sara Ryan, Elizabeth Midgette, Becky Falibota, Kate-E Frazier
AD-HOC COMMITTEES and Consultants
Bylaws: Jay Doll and Gregory Glover
Clover Hill Rocks and Reels: Beth Flowers, Doree-Lynn Miles, Lisa Leonard, Mark Carlson
Farmers Market:  Lauren Embrey and Elizabeth Midgette
Finance:  Tom Kloc
Insurance: Bob Carmack
Social:  Anna Meredith and Resident Volunteers