Why Join the CHCA?

Because...There is Strength in Community!
There are currently 701 (67%) members (out of ~ 1,045 homes) in the CHCA/HOA who make the Clover Hill you know and love possible.  For $325 a year, the CHCA has been able to create and sustain a neighborhood that inspires people and attracts people to move here.  This neighborhood is a place that also brings people back.  One of the greatest testaments to this is the fact that children grow up, go to school, find jobs, and then move back to Clover Hill to raise their families.  The CHCA/HOA helps make Clover Hill a very special place for young and maturing families.  
Together we can help maintain property values and improve our neighborhood - its amenities, its activities, and its opportunities.  For more information about joining the CHCA/HOA, please read the Clover Hill Civic Association, Ind., Bylaws and email the manager at:  manager@cloverhill.org.