The name of the Association is Clover Hill Civic Association, Inc and is referred to as the CHCA.  While it carries the title of a “Civic Association”, CHCA operates just as any other HOA and is governed by the Maryland HOA Law. 
Vision:  There is Strength in Community.
Mission:  To preserve and enhance the quality of life and sense of community through effective management of the Association, to support initiatives that strengthen bonds among residents, to enforce the rules and covenants to preserve property values, and to invest in capital improvements that benefit the greater good of the community. 
Values:  In all our activities to achieve our vision and mission we value kindness, cooperation, fairness, integrity, creativity, and respect.
Our Focus:
To Nurture Community Pride
When residents take pride in their community - it shows!  And more importantly it creates a bond between neighbors that can't easily be broken.  The CHCA enjoys creating consensus around a goal, empowering people to roll up their sleeves and get involved and bringing people together in a way that creates a sense of pride. 
To Inspire Volunteerism
The CHCA values committee volunteers; they are essential to the day-to-day operations of the Clover Hill community. When committee members work in tandem with Board members to shoulder some of the duties, they help strengthen both the Association and the community.  Click here to read more about volunteering with CHCA and joining a CHCA Committee.   
2021 Board of Directors
President:  Alysia Feuer 
  • Email:
Vice President:  Karin Bauer 
  • Email:
Treasurer:  Jeanine Henderson 
  • Email:
Secretary:  Linda Carmack 
  • Email:
Chris Larsson
Tom Lee
Jon Manley
Jim Patrick
Greg Powell
Sara Ryan
Dave Snipes
Mitch Scott
BOD Meeting Dates
1. January 19th
2. February 16th
3. April 20th
4. June 15th
5. August 17th
6. October 19th - CHCA Annual Meeting
7. November 16th
Community Manager
Alexandra Williams was hired as the part-time CHCA Community Manager in February 2020.  She has five years of experience working with HOAs.  She worked for two years in the finance department at Property Management People, Inc. and three years as a Community Manager for Clagett Management. 
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Works closely with the CHCA Board of Directors
  • Prepares management reports and attends all Board meetings
  • Prepares ARC agendas and attends monthly ARC meetings
  • Interfaces with financial management company
  • Solicits bids for projects and meets with contractors
  • Answers CHCA member inquiries during reasonable hours of the day
  • Monitors upkeep and maintenance of facilities
  • Sends timely email communications to CHCA members 
Financial Manager
CHCA Board of Directors hired PMP, Inc. in January 2020 for Financial Services Management.  
PMP, Inc. is a privately held Maryland-based corporation headquartered in Frederick, Maryland.  PMP provides on-site management to eight large-scale communities in Annapolis, Frederick, Fulton, and Laurel, Maryland and Leesburg, Haymarket & Sterling, Virginia.  PMP's commitment to excellence means they endeavor to give each client the personal attention and consideration they need. 
Members of the Association are encouraged and welcome to volunteer on Committees!  There are two types of committees:  standing and ad-hoc.
Currently there are seven standing committees, or permanent committees, which provide valuable assistance to Board members by addressing specific community tasks. 
Frequently the Board of Directors establishes ad-hoc committees, which are short-term, temporary committees formed to handle specific tasks, like hiring a community manager, planning a seasonal farmer's market, or updating association bylaws. 
Why Join the CHCA/HOA?
Why join the CHCA/HOA?  Because...There is Strength in Community!
There are currently 697 members (out of ~ 1,045 homes) in the CHCA/HOA who make the Clover Hill you know and love possible.  For $321 a year, the CHCA has been able to create and sustain a neighborhood that inspires people and attracts people to move here.  This neighborhood is a place that also brings people back.  One of the greatest testaments to this is the fact that children grow up, go to school, find jobs, and then move back to Clover Hill to raise their families.  The CHCA/HOA helps make Clover Hill a very special place for young and maturing families.  
Together we can help maintain property values and improve our neighborhood - its amenities, its activities, and its opportunities.  For more information about joining the CHCA/HOA, please email the manager at: