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The 2019 Assessment is due January 15, 2019.  Dues are $279 and trash service is $190, for a total of $469 for the year.  As always, members have the option every year to opt out of trash service if done by January 15, 2019.  See the Trash information page for services provided.

Payment can be made by check or online.  If you want to pay online, go to homepage and choose to pay Annual Assessment and choose your address.  There is a 3% fee for paying online.  The online option is only available until February 15th.

If you missed the January 15th due date, please add a 10% late fee.  You can mail payments to CHCA, PO Box 1429, Frederick, MD 21702.

Membership privileges include full use and enjoyment of our park and grounds, ability to rent the clubhouse and pavilion, reduced cost to join the pool and reduced sports fees.  Also, upon payment of the dues, members are eligible to receive a 6-visit punch card for free to the pool.  Anyone living in Clover Hill that is not a Clover Hill Civic Association Member is unable to rent the clubhouse and pavilion.

If you are not currently a member and would like to join, please contact our manager, Lauren Keller at or 301-228-2799, for more information.

We do allow non-residents to join in an Associate member capacity for the cost of the dues($279).  The Associate Member fee does not include the pool or sports, but it does allow you to join the pool and sports at the CHCA member rates.  Associate Members can then also rent the clubhouse and pavilion.