Architectural Review Information

All homes in Clover Hill are subject to restrictive architectural covenants, regardless of membership in the Clover Hill Civic Association (CHCA).  These covenants are regulations pertaining to every property and home within Clover Hill and are on file at the county courthouse.  Covenants for the individual subdivisions (Clover Hill I, II East, II West and III) differ, so it is important for homeowners to have a copy of the covenants affecting their own property.  For a copy of your covenants, email the Community Manager at

All exterior changes to homes and properties REQUIRE approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  All structural changes to the exterior of your home.  All new structures built on your lot: sheds, additions, fences, decks, patios, pools, walls, driveway extensions, etc. are all examples of what needs to be approved.

The ARC's authority to enforce the covenants is clearly stated in all the Clover Hill Covenants.  In January 2001, Ausherman Homes transferred to CHCA "all rights, responsibilities and obligations" pertaining to architectural controls.

Any structures built without ARC approval are subject to removal at the owner's expense.  Owner may also be responsible for legal costs associated with compliance enforcement.

How To Get ARC Approval:

  1. Fill out the CHCA ARC Approval Request form located at the bottom of this page.  On the form, explain what you are planning to do.  Be sure to include colors and materials to be used.
  2. Prepare a drawing that shows the improvement to be made.
  3. On a copy of your plat, pencil in where the improvement will be located.
  4. Provide all information in 8.5" x 11" format.  We cannot reduce blue prints, etc.
  5. Information can be submitted to Mailing Address: CHCA ARC, PO Box 1429, Frederick, MD 21702 or Email
  6. The ARC, once they have received all information, will review at an open meeting of the ARC.  

If you have any questions, please call the CHCA office at 301-228-2799 or email:

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