Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Hargreaves was hired as a part-time CHCA Administrative Assistant in January 2022.  She has lived in the Clover Hill community for 6 years.  In addition to her work with the CHCA, Rebecca is a yoga instructor in Frederick, an equine sports massage therapist, as well as a textile artist.  Rebecca is excited to be assisting the Manager, CHCA Board of Directors, and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) with the administration of the Clover Hill community!
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • General CHCA administrative duties 
  • Assisting CHCA Manager, ARC and Board of Directors to improve and implement uniform & consistent architectural procedures
  • Participating in all ARC meetings; preparing meeting agendas, minutes, and processing meeting actions
  • Acting as liaison between homeowners and ARC members, communicating approvals, questions, and rejections
  • Receiving and distributing ARC requests or ARC complaints to ARC members
  • Filing ARC requests, approvals, and complaints for permanent records
  • Working with County, when applicable, to enforce violations